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One of the may joys of living in this day and age are the pleasant sounds of waking up in the morning to nature, the brush of tree leaves (or the annoying chainsaw of a tree care company lol), and the lovely music of birds chirping to welcome the morning sun as it raises in the east. While many inner city working folks may be waking up more to the sounds of hustle and bustle in the streets below, there are still business opportunities for those in corporate America to still involve music through a variety of means.


While many could suggest that nature presents, offers, or introduces its own variations of God-given music, we live in an era where music is available to us in almost every at-cost (and some, legally free) method that technology permits. These range from various sites, such as:


  • YouTube
  • Spotify
  • Pandora
  • iTunes
  • …and many, many more…


Of course, everyone in the Western world can easily be assumed to have been exposed to at least one form of music in which they thoroughly endear and look forward to hearing. Think about it; your best friend turns on the radio while you were in college and doing homework, or your co-worker in a quiet atmosphere decides to fill the voided, absent air with entertaining sounds to uplift the spirits within the environment. When the music comes through and it happens to be their favorite song – the overwhelming excitement becomes one contagious energy which expands, accessing the perception and attention of everyone whom can overhear both the audio (delivered over the airways) and the ruckus filling the atmosphere as you and your co-worker lift yourselves from your seats, and proceed to cut A LOT of rug when you should be working.


Naturally, the boss has to come in and ever so kindly remind all involved in the little charade as to what they were hired to do while permitting the radio to remain in the on position but at an extremely low volume. Grateful, the workers return to their seats and continue working… with the jovial memory and bond they’ve shared when, even for a moment, the joy that filled the atmosphere was something meaningful and uplifting.